Friday, August 31, 2007

Garter KISSes

Our holidays didn't really afford me the time I thought they would to tackle anything other than cloths. I wanted to try some socks when I was sitting on the beach, soaking up the rays, but so much to do so little time!

When we got home, I got this uber urge to power knit! I went to my big box yarn store and found some Bernal Stripes and Twists and had to buy them. I needed to relieve myself of this "knit-craving" that had built up. The cure was KISS work. Keep It Simple Stupid, Garter Stitch Cloths. In about 24 hours, I did 3 pretty, simple cloths.

The last one a slip stitch cloth, and even though its on same size 9 needles, its alot smaller than the others. I love the colours of these cloths.

Oh, here's another mooshy shot just to make you want your own....

They are big and squishy. Just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Life's a beach, tunnel, mountain, and river.

So, how was your summer? Getting ready to go back to school? Work? Yeah.. I don't even want to think about it. We had such a relaxing time on Vancouver Island, even though we put about 5,000 kms on my car. Ate lots, played lots, visited every spot we had time for.

We couldn't have asked for better weather. Sunny, warm.

It was just what the doctor ordered.

We enjoyed hunting for crabs to look at, then letting them go on their way of course, when the tides were out. I'm sure the locals don't appreciate the tourists coming in and messing with the ecosystem, and for that, I'm sorry. But we did try not to have too much of an impact. The live sand dollars were left behind, while, we did bring home a couple of ones that had went to the "big beach in the sky". Last time we went, we got a seastar in Ucluet, but, our dog ate it... Yup.

Jealous yet? ;D

This little guy let our beach bum try his skim board. We ended up getting one for him. This boy was so much fun to watch. He was obviously still learning himself as he'd land on his backside more often than not, but you could tell he was having a blast!

Good times...
Anyone ever been to Hope, BC?

How about the Othello Tunnels? How amazing are these!

They were built from 1911 to 1918 to complete the Kettle Valley Railway. Cut through solid granite to allow the railway to span the 300-foot-deep (90-m) Coquihalla Canyon, at a whopping cost (for the time) of $300,000. Plagued by washouts and rock slides, the railway line was closed in 1959.
Its so interesting to walk through the pitch black, cool, humid tunnels.

There's 4 to go through, then a hike along what would have been the track. We just did the tunnels. No bats, that I know of. As you walk along the pedway, you can still see the train tracks underneath.

Then there was Clearwater, BC, and Wells Grey Provincial Park. We went to visit my folks at they're home away from home, and pick up our dog. He had a nice vacation too hanging with his grandparents.
That's my Dad the German Mountain Sheep scaling that rock. He was picking up fishing line that people had "left behind". I just want to know, why didn't they take it with them in the first place?
My folks just love it there. Can't really blame them.

All the big trees. The cool, clean water.

The dog even nibbled down a few of these wild onions. Silly beagle.

Then, it was off home...

What a great 2 weeks, hey pups?!

There, now you all came with us... ;D

Oh yeah! I did some knitting too. None of it made it home with us as it was all gifted to our hostess, but I did snap a few pictures. Dishcloths, of course....

A single colour ballband, and

... Gee, I can't remember the name of this pattern! I will though, I've got it somewhere, Very fun knit this one was. Then I also did one that a certain Miss Wolly Knits would have loved. It was a variant on her Whiskers cloth. A Granny's Favorite Whiskers that my mom stole before I got to take a photo... Yes, its not alot of knitting, really only 3 cloths, but I was so busy looking out the window, enjoying my family time that I just couldn't do it.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Awwww.... Holidays done.

So what do I get for having 2 weeks for freedom from the regular grind? Sadness that its over.

More on the "Holiday of the Year" when I download all 512 photos to my machine. Prepare to be bored.