Monday, April 30, 2007

Its Dad's Turn Now!


You may never have been able to give me a pony, but.. you always gave my your heart.
Happy birthday, Mushroom Man!


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Change is Good

Hey there,

So what do you think?

I've been toying around with the idea of changing the look of my blog for some time now and decided, today was the day! Pretty exciting, hey?!

Originally, I thought it'd be cool to design my own, but I'm not html savy and was frankly, intimidated by the whole process. I wanted it to reflect "me". A reflection of my career, my hobby (knitting of course), and my interest in digital photography. They're all quite artsy, yet I wasn't sure how I'd meld them together.

THEN, while surfing the www, I ran across this interesty bity thing and it struck my fancy! Who doesn't enjoy doodling every now and then?! I know I do! I'm still tweaking here and there but I think its coming along quite nicely. I just need to separate some links a bit, get my groups on here (sorry, those are missing yet), add my button, and tada! A new me... sorta.

Looking in some of my back posts though, I noticed that some of the pix I have don't exactly "fit" on the page, but, what's a girl to do. Now to reassess where or how I photograph my knitty-pix so they match the new blog! Until then, please bear with me.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Is it easy to read? Too distracting? Too busy, not busy enough? I'm interested in what you have to say. I've also added a Comment Box (cBox) on the right hand side for "insta-comments" on my blog. I can't wait to see what will show up in there! Just please, keep it PG-13, that's all I ask.

Well, talk to ya soon!
Hugs all around...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again....

Hey there,

Forgive me. Its been a while, a very long while, since my last post. (I feel like I'm in confession...) I've actually been too busy to do much blogging of any kind! Reading writting or otherwise. I even missed my own 1st Blog-birthday.

I have become addicted to Chub Creek, and am listening to just about every Podcast Dave and Gary have done. Some even more than twice. My 45 minute commute to and from work everyday has helped with that. Their music is great and so are their skits, stories and ramblings... I laugh, I giggle, I stop and think. Great job, guys! I feel like you're both long-lost friends somehow...

I've done quite a bit of knitting, which is great, but I've missed alot on everyone's blogs too. Which makes me feel extremely guilty. First, I need to send a big huge world wide apology to Dorothy (I don't know if she has a blog or not) from my Canadian Dishcloth Group. We did our Valentine's cloth exchange and she sent me a beautiful heart lace cloth in blues/greens/whites Cottontots. I know she did a lot of work in it and pushed outside her comfort zone as she told me she had to frog it once and rip back a couple of times to get it right.... Its beautiful. I have to post a photo of it to share. But, the cloths I knit for her are still in my cloth drawer at home... I haven't sent hers out yet and I feel horrible! I banished myself from exchanges for a while as punishment and still intend to send hers out to her along with a plethora of goodies to make up for my misgivings... I'm such a heel.

What have I knit? About half a dozen dishcloths (3 four corners cloths, my extremely tardy exchange cloth, a couple of right anged cloths,) and my piece de-la-resistance, of which I have no photo for... My new baby niece's log cabin baby blanket. I did about 2/3's of it and then gifted it to my SIL telling her I still needed to finish it. Its not quite big enough for me, yet. Its "newborn" size but I want it to be bigger than crib size. The beautiful thing about doing it log cabin is, I can always keep adding stripes to it to make it as big as I envision. Or, start a new ones and stitch them all together for a truly unique blankie. Its in Bernat LuLu - mint green, blue and peach. I double stranded it with white so that it was thicker and easier to knit with. The single strand of Lulu was making me nuts and I fought with it lots! Its so "lashy" I couldn't see through it to find my needles.

Right now I'm working on a teatowel for under my wooden dish rack that I'm making from Eco-fil. Its a dark plum colour. Quite purdy if I do say so myself... Eco-fil is so nice to knit with! The end result is quite soft compared to the Handicrafter I'm used to. Classy stuff, that kitchen cotton! LOL

I'll post the pattern (and photos of this and others) as I go along. I'm mixing up some stitch patterns to get the desired look I wanted. Its going to be lacy, yet solid, mostly stockinette, with a seed stitch border.

The other thing I've been toying around with is updating my blog template. A new blog-year, a new blog-look... There's a couple out there in cyberspace that have turned my crank, but what I'd really like to do is design my own. Unfortunately, I just don't think I have that kind of time right now, so I'll probably just end up with a premade one I find.

Well, I just wanted to pop in, say "hi & wave to everyone". I gotta get back to work now. The boss isn't paying me to blog, afterall! LOL

Hugs all around...