Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Online Portfolio

I've generated an online portfolio to show off some of my graphic design work.. Hey, it doesn't hurt to advertise, I should know... Its what I do all day.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ode to "Victoria"

I've always wanted to do this cloth but could never get the pattern from Ms. Cote's site. Its hard to get on there even during "non-peak" hours. If only I could read french... Then, I didn't know why I check the files from the Monthly Dishcloth KAL Group. It was there the whole time! I believe she's a member of the group(?) and gave them permission to post it. Anyway, I had to tink a few rows a couple of times as I messed up on the repeats, but it was fun and fairly quick considering the complexity of the lace pattern.

Definitely will do again. It used a whole ball of cotton on 4.5mm needles, I might add with about 3 inches of waste...

Great Minds Think Alike

So, I'm going through the Monthly Dishcloth KAL's messages and saw I was missing out on the 1st KAL for Feb. After reading through the pattern a bit, I thought "that sounds familiar"

It most certainly was. Seems I did the Feb KAL before it started. I always feel so guilty when I miss them, but I'm enjoy a stitch pattern cloth more and they tend to do more "picture" pattern cloths so I have a hard time staying motivated to do them... But because its Valentine's, I couldn't resist this picture pattern.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Three M's

Moster Jam Sunday.... They sold us the whole seat, but really! We did only need the edge!

The boy has always wanted to go so we figured, what the hey... Thank Gawd for earplugs!

Mother's Day, Already!!!

Naw.. He just wanted to do the dishes after he cleaned the kitchen. The boy has good genes, what can I say :)

Mate for the Fingerless Wristwarmer

Its not as good as the first one. I got excited and casted it off a few rows too early then seamed it backwards... The wrist edge is now in the palm, and the palm is on the wrist, but hey, my hand model liked 'em.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sweets for the Sweets

Valentine's Day... What do you and your special someone do for it?

Me, I get presents. Its my birthday. Don't know if I deserve them but, I'd better get presents! LOL

I do love Valentine's day, though. All the pink, red. The hearts, so soft and foofy. Is "foofy" a word? I was never a "pink person" 'til lately. I don't understand why I love it now. Must be some sort of "pink-phase". But now I'm just rambling....

My point is, I am into knitting pink. Case in point, my ponchette and these cloths.

Hey, Isabelle... Notice my Love Day washcloth? I finally got on cast on... Its such a pretty pattern, thanks for posting it.

This one is my own design. I call it "Ice-Cream Sunday". Its based on the nine patch from the Mason Dixon blog. Instead of doing nine, I did three patches. Cast off, picked up 36 stitches along the edge, knit 12 garter ridge rows in Jute. Changed colour to pink, did 6 garter ridge rows and lastly changed to red for the remaining garter ridge rows. Bound it off knitwise and voila! The nice thing about this was, not as may little ends to weave in as on the nine patch.

Like the nine patch, it only took me about 4 hours on a Sunday to do it in, hence the name. Plus, I think its "lickable".

Time to go do my dishes!

My Morpheus Möbius

I know, I was always a late bloomer.

The Rubicks cube on my dresser was no where near solved when the majority moved on to Tetris. People were rollerblading while I was still rollerskating. Don't even get me going on Pilates!

I did things when I was ready. Which explains why I just recently discovered Mobius. I love the twist. So, unexpected. Math is cool, when you have to knit it...

I did this with 3 balls of Sean Sheep Yarn in a thick & thin roving wool blend. Its such a rich, delicious, beautiful, red wine colour. I had to have it as soon as I touched it. Its not expensive (which is good) and it is a blend, but I enjoyed it, alot!

Even though my Morpheus Möbius was knit on US 17 needles, it didn't turn out very "lacy" like I thought it might. I cast on 36 stitches and did a simple K2P2 till all three ball were gone. My preferred pattern for scarves because of the rib-factor.

Why did I call it Morpheus? I couldn't believed all that I can do with this ever-looping scarf! After all was said and done, I think I "morphed" it into a shawl, scarf, neck cowl, wrapped hat, face warmer, side-ways sash... Well, you get the idea.

I debated (and sitll might) blocking it, to get it to hold its stretched out width of 17 inches more, but for now, I'm just going to enjoy its warmth.


So, here's my pixys Off The Camera, instead of the needles... LOL

The Christmas coasters I did. Just a simple mitered square in Bernat cotton.

Its a tradition for me to not put everything away like it should be as last year, I had one lone nutcracker out all year. The year before that, one of my Christmas Village houses... Ahhh, traditions...

This one was MIA at the time of "de-decorating" so it'll have to get put in a special place till next year.

The Feather and Fan dishcloth in Bernat cotton - Jute. Its such a traditional, old-world pattern to me. Makes me think of a hand knit afghan that made by Granny. I loved doing it. Inspired by Mary-Anne.

Cute little sweater there, Mary-Anne! Love the buttons... Someday, I might feel comfortable enough to do something like that.... For now, its

Then, my favorite slippers that I decided I'm going to make about 700 pairs of these things!!! LOL - Wow, I'm ambitious.

Again, they were supposed to be Technicolour slippers and have crazy colours throughout and mine are sans-pompoms, but I just don't have that much stash... I still love 'em. Thanks for the link Mary-Anne.