Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Black & White

After a trip to the frog pond, my arm warmer that I started last summer (yikes) is now a handwarmer...

The cream (white one) is for the boy as I cast on a couple too little and its snug. The black, a simple stockinette, that'll be for me.

Now I just need to do their mates!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Don'tcha just love the corny titles!? LOL Heheh.

Anyway, here's the super-soft pink ponchette that I did for myself that I'm afraid to wear to work.... Goof, I know. Its so pretty and girly, but do you think that this 40 yr old mom might look like she wants to be "10" again wearing this, especially to the exec's in our ad agency? Ugly Betty, anyone...

I don't know. Maybe it'll remain weekend casual and never see the office.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One at a time...

I can't believe that the last time I posted to my blog was Dec 29. That's not a good thing. I'm wondering if my laziness will continue or if I'll snap out of this doldrum that I've gotten into...

Christmas was wonderful this year. No petty family bickering, lots of food, great weather, we all got spoiled rotten by Santa... Like usual, it went by like a blur. I was however extremely sick with a flu that I thought was going to take down my whole family but only seemed to latch onto me. I should be thankful, I suppose. I can take it, but it sure wouldn't have been fair if the boy had gotten sick during his second most favorite time of the year. While I was sick I'd hoped everyday that I'd be able to pick up the sticks and get some extreme knitting done, but, like I said, it totally sidelined me. I'd have to wait almost to New Year's to do any kind of fun.

Well, when I did eventually return to a semi-noncommatose-state, I did knit with a vengence. I did a couple of dishcloths. One for my bro (I blogged it in my last post), a feather and fan like the one that Mary Anne gifted me from our Canadian Dishloth Group fall exchange. Another pair of slippers... inspired from, again, Mary Anne. She posted a link to some Technicolour slippers (I will too when I update photos for this post) that appealed to me... I don't have lots of "slipper" worthy worsted in my stash (yet) so I just did my two colours... Pix to come. Another scarf, a Mobius very wide in my fav colour about 13" wide and eternally long ;) I love it! I also did up a ponchette in some very pretty in pink mohair mix (can't remember yarn but will look it up for update w/photo) that I'm scared to wear to work. I'm not a "small" girl. Quite well endowed and am "fluffy"... I'm scared it makes me look like a giant Q-tip.I might just get brave and post a pix here for you all to judge. I've worn it shopping, out for supper, around the house... Just not sure about work. I'd like a "GAP" pink long sleeved top to go with it. Maybe that's why I haven't worn it to work yet... Wierd, eh?!

Anyway... I'm right now knitting another cloth for my exchange buddy for Valentine's Day, Dorothy, and have about 4 others planned to do. I need to replenish after Christmas. My little drawer is just about empty except for the gifts I received (thanks again, exchange buddies, you know who you are).

Anyway this is supposed to be just a quick non-pixy post with an update very soon, so... Now I am done...

I've missed you all and am glad to be back blogging and knitting again... XO