Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sunday, July 08, 2007

WIPing Some UFOs into Shape

After cleaning house and doing laundry, I was able to make some time to go through my stash. I pulled out a couple of things from my UFO landing pad I'd like to finish, before I started another.

Here's my Irish Hiking scarf from last fall.

Yes, I know the KAL is way over and nothing more than a fond memory for most. But for me, I got about 18 inches into it, and started having problems. I don't know why, but the pattern and I were bumping heads. I had to set it aside. I'd do a few rows, get to the cable row, and mix up the cables. Frog my mistake and try again. After fighting and losing, I decided to set it aside.

I picked it up again this spring and almost finished it. For some reason, my interested wained again and I set it once again aside, almost finished. Looking at how much I have left of on the last ball of "Cozy Wool in Paprika" (size 11 needles,) I'm going to finish this scarf this week. There's only seriously, maybe about 4 inches left... Did I mention, its almost 6ft long?

Then there's this.

My tea towel for under my desk rack. I'm knitting it from Ecofill in Dark Purple. Love the colour! I just hope it doesn't bleed. Its a nice cotton blend to knit with. I should have gotten more when I had the chance, now the big box store I bought it at doesn't carry it anymore.

This one is taking a bit, even though I'm doing a simple YO K2tog pattern for half of it, then simple stockinette, then cell stitch surrounded by a seed stitch border. Again, I lose interest so easily. Yet, it really is lovely so far. It'll be nice took at it when I doing my dishes. Very Mason-Dixion-esque, don't ya think?!

These are the two I've decided to WIP into shape before I take on my next project. Whatever that'll be... I'd love to try socks.

Of course, I'll have to do a dishcloth or two in between because you know how my attention span wavers. So many patterns, so little time.

Besides, I think my cotton's have babies in my stash...

Fickle Woman

Yes, it happened. I had to! The other template was just horrible! I couldn't control any aspect of the layout or even read the html properly to fix it. Everytime I posted an image or post, it would bump things around so bad. I spent more time fixing than blogging, I almost lost it. Truly. I almost jumped ship.

I'm over it. I have a new, pretty, clean, easy to read, easy to maintain blog now. ;D

The only problem is, I didn't save all my links and stuff again so I'm rebuilding... again. What else are Sunday's for?

Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer. Good.

Isn't summer grand! The warm weather, long days, delicious fresh food... Seems to me we eat better in the summer. More green salads with every colour of the rainbow of veggies mixed in. I especially love a salad with extra protein. Grilled chicken, or tuna, or cheese and egg. Ham works well too! I've even tossed a few cooled small potatoes in a salad. With tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow and orange peppers, garlic croutons, and some bacon bits... mmm quite yummy. Okay, now I've made myself hungry.

Anyway, the boy went with my Dad to the beach today for some fun in the sun and sand. I was, and still am, a little jealous. I love the beach! I've always wanted to live in a little sun kissed cottage right on the sand... California style. With white linen curtains that flow in the breeze. Old wooden floor boards that creak hello everytime you walk into the cozy living room that smells like salt air and suntan lotion.

Okay, now I'm getting lost in my own fantasy again... Where was I when the guys were out playing? At work of course. Stuck behind a desk, doing everything I could not to daydream the hours away. But, now its over, its Friday and maybe tomorrow I'll go to the beach.

We had such amazing Canada Day Long Weekend! Filled with family, giggles, and great food. My brother was able to come "hang out" with us this time. He's usually quite busy with his buddies when he comes home, but this time at was all about the nephew. They played video games together, told goofy jokes, teased each other. Did the "man" thing. I loved it. The boy thinks this Uncle is so super cool, its not even funny. I'd have to agree with him. What's in store for this weekend? Guess we'll wing it and see.

Anyone ever want a maid? What a silly question! LOL. I've often thougth having someone to come in once a week to dust, vaccuum, maybe do a couple loads of laundry would be such a big help. When I was about 10 years younger, I couldn't even fathom the idea. A stranger in my home, cleaning up after me!? It seemed ridiculous. Now, my opinion has changed... Maybe when I win the "6-49". Speaking of which, yes, money would change me. These people that say it wouldn't, I'm sorry, but I don't believe you... Its like saying having children won't change you. Heheh, us moms, we know better. Its a good change. I wouldn't change that change for all the change in every couch in the world.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lotus Knits!: Yarn Contest!

A Weekend in Pictures

After our picnic along the North Saskatchewan River.

A special visitor lands for a hello.

He's one hot dog.

A backyard BBQ with my family.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Elves have it....

Love Lord of the Rings. Love the Hobbits. But, even more so, I wish I was an Elvin Princess. When Diana included a link on her blog to a site that gave you Hobbit or Elvin name, I had to do it.

Call me, Tári Telperiën (ooohhh so pretty)
Maybe my new Second Life name? hmmmm

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy "Stash" Day, Canada!

I've decided to make this unofficially "Play With Your Stash" Day.

I need to get in there and squeeze until a project comes out! Then I can cast something new and fun on that I've wanted to do for some time now. There's yarn in my stash that's "spoken for". I've got yarn for a booga bag, round felted handbag, a couple of harlequin hats from kits I bought before my LYS (sniff) closed, a poncho I started (meh), tons of cotton for dishcloths, baby blanket yarn, some fun fur... I don't even know what else.

There's so many projects I'd like to knit (I have got stop surfing for free patterns) that I'm almost overwhelmed. It all looks so pretty. There's just so much amazing knitting out there being shown off in everyone's blogs!

I figured, what the hey! Canada Day was just the day to do it on. So with that, I'm going to, make the bed, grab a nice hot cup of coffee with lots of sugar, yank out all the yarn from my closet and a pen and a paper and go nuts.

Happy Birtday, Canada & Happy "Play with my Stash" Day!