Friday, December 29, 2006


Its been so long since my last post I don't even know where to start!

I fixed up the boy's scarf using "the ladies" suggestions in the post below and now its much more functional! I thought I took a photo of it, but I guess I was wrong. The larger sized needles and fewer stitches did the trick. Now, if only he'd wear it...heheh. That's ok, its because I also knit him an extra long scarf in the colours he wanted. He's a member over at Club Penquin and his little Penquin has a scarf that he wanted me to mimic for him. He wears that one all the time!

Then it was onto a fun fur scarf for a friend's birthday. Her favorite colour is black. The ends I did with some fancy fun fuur from my stash so that it wasn't solid black. Purples and blues aren't really her colours but it seemed boring without some other colour in it. Anyway, she loved it!

For the boy's piano teacher, I knit a dishcloth with a musical note on it in pink. It was a fun cloth to knit and only took a couple of nights after work to do. We wrapped it up for her along with the mitered purple and pink cloth I did previously.

For his teacher, I raided my "cloth drawer" and we wrapped up for her the zig ziag lace cloth that I did in Swimming Pool blue this summer. I have so many cloths, I figured they'd make great last minute gifts to clear out. Then I can rebuild again!
I also packaged her up some macaroons I made for our Christmas Cookie Exchange at work. I made 12 dozen, but only needed 8 for the exchange.

Chocolately goodness....

I also fell in love with the Mason Dixon Nine Patch dishcloth... I did a couple of them, one to give away in the Canadian Dishcloth Christmas Exchange for Nan in Christmas colours, and the other in blues and pruple verigated, for my own use. I love the patchy look of these cloths! Picking up the stitches wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be and it was a good chance for me to learn a new technique. I will definitely make more of these!

For my son's after school sitter, I did up another pair of the pocketbook slippers in the same taupe colour I did for myself, as there was enough yarn leftover on the ball. Packaged with the lacey cloth I did, again in the summer, out at the lake, I hope she likes it.

We need to still give her that present as I ended up extremely sick the week before Christmas and in bed mostly all that week. It pretty much ended my Christmas knitting rampage even though I wanted to knit my FIL some slippers. I'll still do them but they'll have to be "just because" gifts.

I also, "last minute" knit a dishcloth for my brother, more of a haha present than anything. The Star Trek ensignia in red. It was super quick and a fun knit! Hopefully I'll get a photo of it before he goes back home as I didn't get a chance to before I gave it to him. It'd be fun to do one up in each of the "shirt" colours from the show. Red, blue and gold. I should do that and cmplete the set for him.