Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm having an issue... UPDATED

So on the weekend, my favorite boy (our son) asked me to knit him a scarf. I've got to keep him warm and toasty and as his mom, its my job and obligation to give the boy whatever he wants (this time)!

I bought 3 skeins of Bernat Black Lites figuring it would look kinda funky and cool. The acrylic yarn is surprising extremely soft and non-itchy to his face. Key factor in chosing this particular "no frills" yarn for him. Something that would stand up to the rigures of youth.

I cast on 30 stitches on size 13 needles, instead of the 34 the ballband pattern called for and k2p2 ribbing till all 3 skeins were gone. All stretched out, it must be 7 inches wide! Not a bad thing when we're talking about covering a 10 year olds face in the middle of winter, really, but...

Holy crap! Is it ever heavy and I don't think its really long enough for him! I think it could use about 6 more inches. But its so heavy! I checked out Bernat's website and they've got a Very Cherry Cardigan knit out of this stuff! It must weigh 50 pounds! I can't even imagine wearing something knit up that weighs in like armor!

My issue is...
Do I rip it out and cast on less stitches to make it more narrow and hopefully lengthen the thing instead of adding to the weight by picking up stitches and getting another ball and knitting till that one's gone?! Or do I leave it be and chalk it up as "learning"...

Needless to say, if I ever do use this stuff again, it will be for a narrow, narrow, scarf... I've got to "snappy" a photo of it yet to post when I decide what to do with it, I guess.

********************* U*P*D*A*T*E ************************

So, thanks, ladies...
Mary Anne
and Dorothy

I appreciate your thoughts and comments!!!! Any because I do, I'm going to "the Mall" tonight and plan on picking up another ball of Bernat Black Lites (even though I'm sure the dye lot'll be different) and fix this little fiasco.

Its all good..
The boy actually as much as he likes this scarf, asked me to make one that'd match his scarf his little Club Penguin character has.... Suits me just fine. I've got it done and he wears it all over the place! Now to post a photo of it...

I'll add another ball to the one I made originally and wear it myself.... If he doesn't steal it back after its done...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Presents From Dad

My dad is awesome. A real Mountain Man. He's always enjoyed nature and being outside in any kind of weather. We skied as kids, went winter camping, ice fishing, tobagganed, skated, swam, canoed, hiked... You get the idea.

My parents bought themselves some land in BC and he goes there alot! I know he'd like to build a nice house on their little piece of nature so they can both go and enjoy it before it gets to be too much for them.

Anyway, last year he made a bird house from a log of a tree he hollowed out after cutting it down. He made it because he wanted to give back to the birds after having to cut down the tree that so many birds enjoyed. It was his way of making a new home from something they might have once called "home". Its so cute, I don't want to use it. It'll get ruined outside! City-slickers.

This year, he made this

Frank's Mountain Mushrooms

You tap the lava rock and they vibrate, making a kind of low humming sound. Mom said he spent 2 days out there looking for just the right pieces of wood and rock to use. Put it together ever so carefully so the tiny stems wouldn't break. Glued, then shellacked and left alone to dry. Finally packing them up ever so carefully and bringing them on a 8 hour car trip home for my brother and I.

They are so cute! Thanks Dad, I love it!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gawsh, they's Good Lookin...

We watched tonight a Robert Downey Jr flick, Only You (the one with him and Marissa Tomei....) He's so cute! I could eat him with a spoon. Troubled, but dang cute.. My hubby was saying, as we were watching "oh gawd! Enough already!" As I was just randomly bellowing out "awwww, look at that.... he's such a good loooking guy!" I was always boy crazy...

Speaking of which... Just cause I can, here's a couple of other random stars that make me go "awww, he's such a hunny"... I did say I was boy-crazy, right?! ;D Who's your favorite?

mmmm Mel
mmmm Hugh
mmmm Brad
mmmm Tom

Wow... This post is goofy. But what the hey!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Like My New "Sticks"? Aren't they SWEET!

Aren't they pretty.... Got them at the Telus World of Science... Yup. Science is cool!

We went there to watch an IMAX film, Fighter Pilot-Operation Red Flag. Part of the weekend long boy's birthday. It was very interesting! Mind you, I find fighter pilots extremely YUMMY! So dangerous. I love flying! Wierd actually, considering how afraid of heights I am... That's a whole other blog, nevermind post......

But I digress. Back to my new sweet sticks. mmmmm Very sweet.... A little too sweet... How'm I supposed to knit with these.... ;D

Tee hee...

My Pocketbook Slippers

So, the morning after the boy's birthday, we woke up Saturday to this...

A whole boat load of snow. I'm so not ready for winter yet. I'm in winter-denial, actually. I don't believe its really snow. Nope, you can't make me...

What's a girl to do!? When the snow falls, the pointy sticks rise high in the air! I cast on the Pocketbook Slippers from Alli and Lisa's website, Knitwits Heaven (see my post below).

What a great little slipper to knit up! Super interesting as when all is said and done, it looks like a little handbag... So cute!

By the end of the weekend, I had myself a cute little pair of slippers! My mom's even cast them on now... I'd like to make a few more pairs to give as Christmas presents, especially to my Mother in Law. She's a slipper-nut! Imagine these in all sorts of fun and different colours! A regular sized skein of worsted weight yarn should get you, I bet, 2 pairs! They took hardly any yarn at all. A really fun knit!

Trapped in Our Web


Aren't they cute? Our neighbor, who paints amazing watercolours, made these for our boy for halloween. Don't you just love them! They tasted even better.. Chocolate and orange icing very tasty! My favorite part was the licorice whip legs.