Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Cabled Irish Hiking Scarf

I love knitting these cables! The pattern is so nice. Its a simpe repeat that once you get going, you just don't want to stop! The Conquering Cables KAL was such a great idea, I'm glad I joined... Thanks ladies for organizing this one.

This is only about 2 hours worth of knitting and its already close to 12 inches long. I know there are some who have already finished theirs and probably faster than me too, but hey, its not a race...

My niece asked me to knit her a poncho for back to school. Maybe it'll have cables in it.

Dishcloth Weekend

Summer holidays are without a doubt the best way to unwind and recharge the batteries. They give me a chance to get things done I wouldn't do otherwise. Like reorganize entire bedrooms, go through piles of clothes that no-one wears anymore and KNIT!

We went out to the lake this last weekend and it was wonderful! Not super hot, by any stretch, kind of drizzly and overcast, but great weather for just sitting around and relaxing. The kids were busy riding the quads, with helmets and a pre-determined speed limit set by us, AND within viewing distance. Our boy is very responsible on a quad and doesn't grumble with our rules.

Anyway, I managed to knit up 4 dishcloths during our 4 days out. It was perfect!

The first one is a simple but pretty lacy pattern that
Dorothy left for me in a comment she posted on my blog. Thanks Dorothy! I chose to break up the pattern with stockinette between each panel and really like the way it turned out. I did have some trouble with it though, each panel of lace is just a bit different. Hard to tell until you really scrutinize it, but all in all, its a nice big piece (about 8x10).


The second and third are variants of Granny's Fav and the DW cloth. This one was tons of fun! Especially when I did the second one and figured out when to start the pattern closer to the edge so that the whole thing is in the DW pattern.
The picture however is super bad so I'll have to take another of that one.

Then, just for funsies, I did a Granny's fav. Would you believe this is only the second one I've ever done.. With so many great dishcloth patterns out there, I've never really thought of doing more of these. This I think I knit up in about an hour and a half.

PLUS, still on one set of needles is the Mock Lacy Cloth from my Monthly Dishcloth Group's KAL. I really need to finish this one even though, (I know I'll be making another) I debated frogging it as there's a couple of boo-boos in the repeats.