Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dude - Where's My Car?!

So. I tickered when my new Caliber should be arriving. Like an expectant mommy waiting for the stork. 40 Days, 30 Days, 20 Days, 10 Days.... I phoned today. TWO OR THREE MORE WEEKS MINIMUM!


I'm now on holidays ...without reliable transportation... This bites, sucks and blows. I know that's not nice to say but, here's the kicker. I booked my holidays off, thinking that when I did so I'd have my new car to bond with. Take my son on road trips around Alberta. See all the sights... The Giant Egg in Vegreville . The UFO landing pad in St. Paul. The Giant Mundare Sausage in Mundare... PLus a couple others I just can't remember them right now. We did it one summer with my family and as cheesy as it sounds, I enjoyed it! It was an Alberta Bound Road-trip.

Anyway. Now. I just don't know... End of rant.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm a Cablerina... dance cables, dance!

Get it? Cablerinas... Ballerinas.... OK. I'm just really excited about this one, so sue me! LOL

I'm having a blast Conquering Cables! (Insert really big smile here.) I've always "adored" cables and envied every big and beautiful one I've ever seen! In fact, my absolutely most favorite sweater was an aran cable in "ivory" cotton that I literally wore out. Could not be saved! Holes in the "girl-zone", if ya get my drift. I'd wear camis under it so I could wear it in public... BTW, I'm not exactly a size "2". I didn't care! The sweater begged to be worn and I wore it out!...

Anyway, I've started my Irish Hiking Scarf (which by the way, I've downloaded the pattern onto every computer I've touched since I started knitting in January...) in Red Heart Cozy Wool Paprika on No. 11 bamboo needles (bulky 5, 70% acrylic, 30% wool). I've frogged it twice now. The first time out, I did it on No. 8 Bamboos, and mucked up the 3rd repeat of cables in my excitement of doing the first two right! It was so pretty... I just couldn't stop! Anyway, after I frogged the first one, I restarted on the larger needles, but didn't like how loose it was. Got grumpy and in a fit of "over-perfectionist" rage, frogged it all after my first repeat of 8 rows...

That's when I had an Epiphany! I'm going cable at row 6 instead of 8, AND, instead of repeating the pattern 3 times, because of my bulky weight yarn and big fat needles, I'll do the cable repeat twice. The Extra 2 rows aren't really helping me any, other than making me tired as I'm really trying to watch my tension and "tighten up".. By row 8, it was looking holey and sloppy with big baggy ladders... Anyway, tonight I've done 5 sets of 6 rows and its freakin awesome!!!

You'll have to take me word on it though as my hubby and son took my camera with them on their "father/son" holiday. When they get home Thursday, tho, I will take plenty o'pictures!...

Faith and Blarney! I love this Irish Hiking Scarf!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

From Too Busy, To Can't Stop Knitting!

Well, it seems that my lack of blogging lately has contributed nicely to my excessive knitting these days.

I've done 3 cloths in 4 days. All of which I can't show just yet as they are gifts and I don't want to ruin the surprise for their intended recipients. Let me just say this, though... I have been having such a good time doing this cloths, they're patterns I'm just learning but they're fairly easy to memorize! Makes for a fast knit!

Once I figure who gets what, plus I think I still need to do about 4 more before my gifting session is finished, I will post photos of all my hard work!

My son, (who turns 10 in Oct.) bless his heart, asked me to teach him how to knit! I grabbed some big needles, some cotton yarn, cast on a dozen stitches and we went at it. In no time, he had a rhythm down and was knitting like a pro! He even made himself a wristband... I'll share the photo once I download them to my computer. It was a blast!

Oh yeah!... I've also joined a Beginner Cable KAL called Conquering Cables. Its going to be great! I need to see if there's anything in my stash that will work for the Irish Hiking Scarf I'll be doing... Cables are so beautiful and I'm hoping that I won't get too frustrated learning. Patience, young jedi.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone, if I don't get a chance to post again this week...