Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I have been so busy lately I haven't had any time to do any knitting... Apparently, I need a new keyboard at home, too.... (the space bar doesn't work-I'm editing this now from the office) Wowthisisgoingtobehardtoread!

What have I been doing? Preparing my old car (a 1990 Honda Civic) for its new owners. A brother and sister are buying it. Teenagers, so I want to make sure that all is good before they drive away in it. I remember my first "real car" and what a hunk of junk it was! A 76 Vega. I owned it for 6 months and drove it for 2... Anyway, I don't want them to be disappointed with their purchase so I'm trying to go the extra mile. Cleaning and fixing little things that I had planned to eventually do but didn't seem to be essential... Painting the wiper arms, replacing a couple of burned out bulbs, making sure the glove box opens and closes properly... Yesterday I took it in for its insurance inspection and all was good. I'm excited for them. These little Hondas are great for a young person. They usually take them and "sup" them up with fancy rims, fancy paintjobs, kickin' stereos. I can't wait to see what they do to it (if they do anything).

Then I Wait (not so patiently) for my new car...
a bright shiny new Dodge Caliber

6 weeks to go... I think I might add a ticker to my blog.